Friday, December 4, 2009

Number Crunching

In honor of the 164 hours left of me EVER being in another math class... I did a whole bunch of other number crunching.

All but the last bits of work is done for the math class, I have just a touch of homework I can go back and re-do for a few more points, and a quiz to take.  IF I DO NOTHING ELSE and score a 16% on the Final, I will PASS the class.  Of course I want to better than that.  I could probably do 16% extremely drunk and with one eye open.

I'll need to score 85% or better on the final to earn an A overall in the class.  Not a difficult grade to get at all!!!  Especially as I've now finished the work, and I'm now on the review -AND I HAVE AN ENTIRE WEEK to prepare, study, review, practice and practice and practice... I don't see 85 being a problem at all. Woo-Hooo!

Then I finally plotted out, semester by semester how many credit hours I could take on, and I added them up, semester by semester.  Full course-load in the Spring and Fall which will be 5 classes for 15 credit hours.  Two classes for two summer semesters at 6 credit hours per semester.

and drum roll please...

... that should have me graduating, having earned over 120 credit hours in the Spring of 2012.  WOW!  While 2012 sounds far away... 2 years does not sound incredibly far away.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


I've ignored this blog for nearly a year now... there are many big updates to state, such as - I'M NOT AIMING FOR A MATH DEGREE ANYMORE.  It's just not something I can do where I am now in life.  It was very hard, I felt like I got beat up by my math classes, really - I felt emotionally battered and I couldn't stand up to anymore.

I'm now aiming for a fluffy liberal arts degree that won't beat me up at all.  Well, it could possibly thrash me with a wet noodle, but it won't hurt as much as struggling in math did.  It'll basically be a Writing degree - English with an emphasis on Writing, plus a minor in Writing.  I'll read a lot of literature and do a lot of writing.  I can do this, and I'll enjoy most of it.

I'll be starting at MTSU next month.  Dividing my time between there on Tuesdays and Thursdays and at Nashville State on Mondays and Wednesdays.

I have a total of 5 classes I can take at Nashville State - I'll need 4 Spanish classes (ugh!  changing to a liberal arts degree puts me in need of a foreign language.  I did 3 years of French in high school, but that won't count because its so long ago... and since I have to start at ZERO here, I'll do Spanish) and I'll be finishing up one science class as well, because also with the switch to a different kind of degree, my science requirements change... instead of two of the same type classes, CHEM I and II... now I need two different classes... yay!  I was struggling with CHEM II earlier this semester and didn't like it all.  Lucky for me, as I really started to hate this class, I changed from the Math major and looked hard at what a liberal arts major needed - AND CHEM II WOULD **NOT** have counted!  I need a different type of science class, completely different.  So, I'm taking Earth Sciences next semester, Geology.  It will be more interesting to me and in all likelihood, not as tough as CHEM II was.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Just about everything is making me cranky this morning. I have a longer list on my other blog, dimberly.

Right now though I'm trying to focus on getting myself organized for school. One of the first things I like to do with my online classes is enter in all the due dates onto my calendar. It helps wonders with planning and knowing what you need to do and when.

RODP has 22,000 students this semester - I really have no clue what is a lot or a little in this scenario, but I had to email the online coordinator for my school on the first day of classes because I didn't even SEE my class. He responded that classes on that system wouldn't be available until the next day because they have 22,000 students this semester... so I guess that some there's some inference that that is a lot of students.

So there's a lot of students - and the system is so danged slow. I click on a link to go to a different page and I nearly forget what I wanted to look at when the page finally loads. This is incredibly painful and aggravating!

I really need to CHILL OUT - I have no idea what my problem is. I should eat something, and then when Chris gets home I can go to the gym. Maybe THAT will help me. maybe.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Chemistry Day One

Well, there was a bit of bad news with my Chemistry class but it doesn't really pertain to THAT class.

As I told my family last night, I'm able to see the class lists of who is in my classes, whether its online or on the ground. I can see all my classes on the online area for classes. And looking at my Calculus class I saw that my friend Robert is in there plus 6 other names I recognized from our Pre-Calculus class. There was a group of middle eastern guys in that Precalc class and they were extremely disruptive with their chattiness all throughout the class. Honest to God and Allah, they were chattier than a pack of 13 year old girls on the phone! The instructor was too nice of a guy to them. He actually gave them assigned seats to break them up so they would finally shut it. By the last few weeks of class though they kind of migrated to one another and while the chatter was much more mild, it was still CHATTER. There was a particularly obnoxious guy in that group, just off-the-charts obnoxious. Several times I think he was deliberately trying to rile me up. Since that day I've refered to him as being 'drunk on his own ego'. His name was Mena - and there was a Mina in that class also. I was never sure who was who.

So I saw on my Calc. class roster that Mena is in that class with me. Ughhhh... was it the good Mena or the Bad Mena? I told my family about this question I had last night.

Today was the first day of my Chemistry class - and sure enough there's 3 of those chatty guys from my PreCalc class in there. Ugh. And the Good Mena was there. Well, he must be Mina, the good one. He was quiet and shy, and almost seemed embarassed by his friends. He's young, and probably values HAVING friends more so than having decent good friends. I actually saw them CHEAT on the precalc final - I saw it with my own eyes, instructor left the room and they immediately put their heads together and swapped answers for as much as they dared.

So Mina is in Chemistry with me and that means Mena is in Calculus with me. GREAT. Now all I can hope for is that the instructor, Ms. Jones, can be a REAL BITCH and that he will cross her and she'll throw him out of the class. HA! I would LOVE that.

Otherwise there's 6 other people in that class of 22 that I will already be familiar with - and THEY seem to be great people and I truly look forward to being in class with again.

Chemistry otherwise went fine. The professor, Dr. Anderson is younger than I would have expected - late 30's likely for him. And the way he talks, his diction, everything is just like my husbands cousin who is a physician and I only see him once a year at Christmas while we're up there. They kinda resemble each other as well. Kinda interesting. Hopefully though, Dr. Anderson will open up some and be a bit more personable. Its fine if he's not, I guess we're only spending 3 hours a week with him - but still, it would make the class more fun.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Spring Semester 2009

Well, it's about time to get this blog fired up again. Its fun to do, its a release for me, and what little attention its had I got great feedback on it.

Spring Semester starts tomorrow and I've just got the last textbook I'll need. It was a BITCH of a book, $214 from the bookstore, and not much better prices elsewhere. ugh.... TWO HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN DOLLARS FOR A BOOK. That is just ridiculous. I mean really - IT'S A BOOK!

Well, I thought it would be fun to take of a pic of my books so you'll know what I'm taking this semester:
  • Foundations of Education - an early class for an education major. Education will actually be my minor (taken online)
  • Art Appreciation - gotta take care of one more Fine Arts and/or Humanities credit. (taken online)
  • Chemistry - part one of two. This will be a class I'll really have to work at. No biggie, just gotta stay up on the work. and THIS IS THE $214 BOOK. (taken on the ground MWF)
  • Calculus I - part 1 of of 3 eventually - hahahaha, I'm going to be a Math major - soon enough it's going to be at least TWO math classes per semester! hahahahahha. (taken on the ground MW).
Wish me luck. Two serious heavy duty classes, and two classes not likely to be AS INTENSE, but I don't count on them being easy by a long shot.

ALL A's this semester is totally within in my realm of abilities.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Textbook Deals

I shop around for my textbooks and have had excellent luck at ordering them all online (and receiving them before classes start. I've added up the "new" costs and "used" costs for the books at my schools bookstore to compare to how well I did with my shopping.

NSCC Best price total: $487.25
My shopping total: $327.41

Wow!! That's a pretty damned big difference!!! I'd gladly pay 327 instead of nearly 500 ANY DAY.

My ethics book looks pretty intense, the Fiction book is immense and I've peaked at the Photography book as that was the first book to arrive - and the first chapter is sailing right over my head but I guess that's why I'm taking the class... learn something, not rehash something I already know.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Am I a dork or what?

I just ordered this shirt.

I'm going to be a Math Major, I guess I've got to find great humor in things like this.

Plus, imaginary numbers really ticked me off with I learned them. OMG!!! What a freakin' mess? It really makes me wonder about the people who created/discovered/invented/smoked crack while they did it. I really consider imaginary numbers as some seriously messed up. you-know-what. Really.

But I'll be wearing this shirt with pride. Wagering is welcome... How long will it take me to wear this shirt to my math class? It's a M-F class (super yuck). I'll be begin posting about fall semester tomorrow. I've already received 3 out of 5 book orders I placed on Saturday. Classes start in 5 days!!! wooo-hooo!